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About Monteverde

Geographic location & Climate

Monteverde area is well know as Monteverde Biological Reserve, one of the principal natural attractions in Costa Rica.

There are three communities in the "urban area": Santa Elena is the largest with a bank, shops and the local high school, you can take a walk around Santa Elena to learn mor about it.

Monteverde is one of the most important ecotourism destinations, some of its highlights are: The rurar life, the milk industry, attractions like butterfly gardens, reptiles exhibitions and natural sites.

The Monteverde cloud forest in Costa Rica is located in the cordillera of Tilarán on the Costa Rican part of the Continental Divide, at 4,600 feet(1400 meters) above sea level, flowing down both Pacific and Atlantic slopes.

It´s about a 5,5 hour ride from San Jose(by car).
Monteverde’s climate is, in general, cool and comfortable. Temperature and humidity level in Monteverde change dramatically over relatively short distances which allows for six different ecological communities. You are able to enjoy tremendous diversity of species with relatively little walking


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