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Tours & Spanish Courses

Canopy Tour

The Original Canopy Tour is one of the most popular thing to do.
Trees grow up to 30 to 40 meters high, and that’s exactly the height where the Canopy Tour is taking place.
This activity consists on traversing from treetop to treetop with specialized climbing equipment over a horizontal cable that is connected between the treetops of the cloud forest. And on each tree there is a platform in which you make stops to enjoy the scenery of the forests canopy. In Monteverde, the location of the original canopy tour counts with 8 cables (traverses), 3 climbing sections including the inside of a strangler fig (see info on these trees) and two 100 ft. rappels (way to descend from the treetops).
Don’t miss it!

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano, a volcano in Costa Rica which is active since 1968 and is one of the most active volcanoes in the Americas, is producing huge ash columns, explosions, & glowing red lava almost everyday.

From the Tabacon Resort, you could feel the ground tremble and see the night sky explode with ash and lava in a natural display of fireworks. You will also enjoy the hot springs of the volcano, where you can relaxe in the soothing waters while observing the stars and the incredible night sky above the volcano. Enjoy yourself by the pool with your favorite cocktail or take a walk through the exotic tropical gardens. At a convenient time after your arrival, we will treat you with a splendid dinner, this is absolutely an evening you will not want to miss in Costa Rica!
On the tour you will also visit the town of Sarchi , well known for the beauty of the handcrafts that they produce.


Costa Rica seems to be be perfect to be discovered by horse! There are several tours and trips you can do, from 1 hour to few days, or even weeks, depending where you want to go.
There are several options, including the following: Cloud Forest Tour , Arenal Volcano, Beach Riding, Full Moon, Monteverde to Arenal Ride, Children horseback, Waterfall San Luis, Farm stay and Costa Rica horseback vacations.


Volunteer your time. Participate in a field expedition that needs volunteers, such as those sponsored by the Worldwatch Institute, or contact conservation organizations to learn how you can help from your home or school.
Cloud Forest Research
The Cloud Forest Laboratory is being developed as an innovative online connection between scientists, students, and scientifically-minded visitors from around the world. Once completed, this site will be a valuable tool allowing science classes anywhere to conduct real Cloud Forest experiments over the internet.
Bird research, insect archives and other research activities are being done in the Monteverde Reserve.

Visit cooperatives-Coffee & Cheese

With the Café Britt CoffeeTour you can discover the secret of what transforms a ripe coffee fruit into a delicious cup of gourmet coffee. You love coffee, we've got a way for you to be totally immersed in it - well figuratively anyway! Enjoy the Café Britt CoffeeTour. Visit a high altitude organic coffee plantation and experience the actual workings of a coffee mill as the coffee fruit is separated from the sweet pulp and prepared for drying and sorting.

You can also visit the cheese factory of Monteverde which is known for its production of a great variety of national and international cheeses, as emmental, gouda…
The Quakers still run their dairy in Monteverde and produce over a ton of cheese a day. It is on the road between Santa Elena and the Monteverde reserve. There is a shop that sells cheese and a viewing area into the factory so you can watch the process.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly farm Costa Rica. Costa Rica is unusually blessed by the diversity of it's butterflies. There exists about 20,000 butterfly species worldwide. Of these, about 1,000 or 5% can be found in Costa Rica. Consequently, a large enclosed walk-through garden known as The Butterfly Farm was created in 1990.

The Monteverde Butterfly Garden is an educational center for everyone from children to scientists.

In the Nature Center, our guests learn about the complexities and nuances of the butterfly life cycle, and can see live eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalids. We also stroll through the four enclosed gardens, admiring the adults flying, feeding, and mating. On the way, you can expect to see the flashy Blue Morpho Butterflies, the most famous in Costa Rica, and the huge Owl Butterflies, the largest in the country.


The Skywalk allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective. It combines trails through the forest under story with suspension bridges that also let you explore the unknown world of the cloud forest canopy. It allows different observational levels to admire the flora and fauna starting at the forest ground and ending at the tree tops.
The Sky Walk consist of seven suspension bridges, whereas the highest being 46 meters (150 ft) and the longest being 300 meters (984 ft).

San Luis Waterfall

The biological refuge "Catarata San Luis"" (San Luis Waterfall) is located under a mantle of clouds 4km from Monteverde. It is a place which combines the beauty of its waterfall, covered by a rainbow, with the songs of the birds and the warmth of its inhabitants.
It’s hight is about 300 meters(1,000 feet drop-off).

The Orchid Garden

Be about to witness the amazing diversity of orchids found in Monteverde, just 1.5Km from the village of Sta. Elena.
You will find the miniature orchids of the sub-tribe Pleurothallidinae whose flowers are often less than 5 mm in diameter.
You will see the perfection in the tiny flowers and gain insight into the amazing diversity of plants in the tropical forest canopy.
The garden contains more than 400 species as large ones as the national flower (Guaria Morada), and the smallest known orchid specie in the world (platy-stele jungermannioides).

The Serpentarium

At the Monteverde Serpentarium you can admire a wide variety of snakes and reptiles from all over the country as the Clelia Clelia, Ferdelance, Rattle Snakes and the Jesus Christus Lizards.
The marvelous amphibian and reptile zoo is perfect to learn all about Costa Rica’s fauna that you can encountered in the reserves. The modern and spacious facilities create a natural environment for the animals and at the same time offers high comfort and security to our visitors.

Hiking the cloud forest

Hiking the cloud forest in the Preserve of Monteverde or Santa Elena Reserve; 24 kilometers of well maintained trails and abundant biodiversity: thousands of species of plants, insects, frogs, snakes and great bird watching.
Hiking the pre-mountain secondary rain forest: Children's Eternal Cloud Forest (Bosque Nuboso Eterno de Los Ninos) or the Ecological Farm (Finca Ecologica). Waterfalls, great bird watching and a lot off small mammals (including sloth).

The Ecological Farm
(Finca ecológica)

The ecological farm first started in 1992 with the idea to conserve 30 hectares(75 acres) of the woods.
The area provides you with 4 loop trails and includes pre-mountain forest, secondary forest, 2 beautiful waterfalls, lookout points, coffee and banana plantations.
It’s a good place to see the 3-wattled bell bird, one of the 150 species of birds which you might find in the area.
The area receives less rain and is less cloudy than the Reserve so that’s why the vegetation is less dense.

Reserva Sendero Tranquilo

This 200-acre private reserve allows only two groups of 2 to 6 people at one time. Tours, led by excellent bilingual guides, last 3-4 hours. Groups are for the most part silent when in
the forest, and visitors are usually pleased with the amount of wildlife they see.

The frog pond of Monteverde

At this herpetarium you can admire over 20 species of frogs and other amphibians.
Walk with the guides and learn about species that are unique to the tropics of Costa Rica.
Come and see extraordinary frogs such as colorful Poison Arrow Frog, the very large Marine Toad and the famous Red Eyed Tree Frog.

Spanish schools

There are several Spanish schools in Costa Rica, and also some in Monteverde.
Learn Spanish in a beautiful countryside setting close to a lot of activities.
An incredible learning experience away from it all. We make sure that the groups are not to big so the learning effect is quick and the environment is appealing.

Art and craft galleries

In addition, there are several artists studios and gift shops, which will make your stay here more memorable and where you an purchase some souvenirs for your loved ones at home.

Further installations: Tranquillo internet café, shops and supermarkets

Medical services: There is a Clinic near the Santa Elena Village.

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