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What is a Cloud Forest?

The cloud forest is quite different from the lowland rainforests. The name comes from the observation that the forests are nearly always shrouded in clouds. These forests are situated at high altitude along the continental divide down the spine of Costa Rica. As the warm moist air from over the Pacific or Caribbean is pushed up the sides of the mountains, it cools, and the moisture begins to condense forming clouds.Cloud Forest Costa Rica

A cloud forest is a highland forest characterized by nearly 100% humidity throughout the year.
The epiphyte mats store moisture, which is specially important in the dry season (February to May). The lush cloud forest canopy of Monteverde is thus home to many species of insects, amphibians, and mammals which never even come down to the forest floor.

Also, the cloud forest here receives an incredible four meters of rain every year- that is almost twelve feet.

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